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Fine Group Purpose

Helping people around the world have healthy lives Achieve both “global”
and “close presence to customers”.
We support your health promotion to help you live a beautiful and vibrant life for as long as possible.
We deliver products and services that help you
“be yourself always.”


Pursue the physical and mental well-being of employees and realize a more beautiful and healthier society. Based on the principle of the same source of medicine and food, we put product safety first, strive daily to develop new products and improve technology, serve the health of everyone, and contribute to the happiness of employees and society. We aim to be a company that can do it.

“More Beautiful and Healthier.” This is a consistent belief in all the company’s products that we have maintained since our establishment in 1974. And our products aim to improve our customers and, by extension, society.
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FINE Group Philosophy

Our Commitment
  • We take pride in delivering safe, effective products and quality service for our customers’ peace of mind.
Our Values
  • We prioritize the well-being of ourselves and our loved ones.
  • We make sound decisions with consideration for others.
  • We foster a culture of appreciation and gratitude.
  • We promote growth through shared understanding.
  • We aim for mutual benefit among employees, customers and partners.
Creative Solutions
  • We face new challenges with determination.
  • We continually explore new ways to add value.
Our Approach
  • We represent our company’s ethos by maintaining an uplifting and friendly environment.
  • We are committed to maintaining personal hygiene and a clean work environment.
  • We approach our work with passion and integrity.
  • We think and act with a positive ‘I can’ mentality.
  • We pursue our goals with enthusiasm.
  • We continue to learn and grow with humility.
  • Each of us assumes a leadership role through discipline and dedication.
  • Our time is finite and equal. Therefore, we strive for efficiency in all that we do.


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Recruitment Information

We are constantly updating the recruitment information of FINE JAPAN CO., LTD. which has its own products and consistently handles research and development, manufacturing, inspection, and sales of health foods and supplements in-house.
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